Seeing Sparks! The Transformational Property of Self-Reflection

Is newly gained perspective within your reach? Is it possible to shift anger into gratitude? or transform fear into courage? Is there a methodology to filling up the toolbox of life with useful strategies that can shift the reactionary principles of personal experiences?

Maria Blon thinks so. She is currently in the business of empowering others, and she's not new at it. After receiving a masters in education from George Washington University, Blon went on to teach mathematics and college success at SUNY Orange. After 20 years at the college she went on to train as a Yoga therapist, and now the spirited teacher is handing out assignments to a new set of eager adult-learners through her home-based business Sparks Alive.

Maria has teamed up with Ann Belle - Certified-Massage-Therapist-turned-Life-Coach to take a small group of self-reflective clientele into the depths of their personal roadblocks in search of transformation. It's unclear how willing they were to dive deep when they signed up, but inhibition has long left each of them..The 'Mirror, Mirror' class takes place over 8 weeks - cumulatively covering new ground at each weekly meeting.

I got to sit in as an observer, but I quickly became a participant.  Half-a-dozen personalities meet in a quiet setting to readdress negative and focus on awareness of self so that they can plow through hindrances using a series of exercises and meditations. Participants are encouraged to take their problem solving tools home and assign them to the emotional, personal, professional and spiritual undertaking of their day-to-day.

I've landed here during week 4 - transformation is beginning to take place and one of the participants is telling me about the glimpses of realization that have been occurring. Maria lights a candle and turns down the shades as members engage in a thoughtful read of non-judgmental clauses in the classroom agreement like, "Keep what works for you and let go of the rest." A guided meditation ensues followed by a class discussion of last week's homework assignment.

Each student has started a gratitude journal - in it they are jotting down 10 things daily that they are grateful for. It has led to self-affirmations for one and the internalization of uplifting imagery for another. For others, it is a conscious recognition of moments in life like relishing the sound of children playing in the neighborhood.  Coping methods are emerging from this healthy, productive space where ideas - both theoretical and applied - can flow freely.

Class ends with a guided meditation where inner-child meets adult of the present and delivers a message. I exited the powerful exercise after just a few moments -  there is an elaborate depth to the work that is being done here.

Adults from all walks of life stand to learn something from this course.. if nothing else - pick up a marble journal and begin filling it up. I've started mine..

Grateful for having heat to combat fall-chill...
grateful for watching the tips of the trees burst into spontaneous color...
And, on.

 In the unyielding quest for confirmation of our own successes there is a place for self-approval.

Ann and Maria - Sparks Alive

Sparks Alive in Middletown, NY Phone : (845) 313-2853

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