Share your Tips For Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

Happy First Day of Fall!

Happy First Day of Fall! New Yorkers are sometimes called jaded and we are world famous for our attitude. As they say, 'It comes with the territory'. (Blizzards and Ice storms can leave their mark!) Having spent a few years living in Southern California  experiencing beautiful blue skies and moderate temperatures at an average of 70° year-round I can tell you that those perfect conditions make for much lighter conversation and less jaded opinions.  But, one thing I inevitably missed when I was out of state was Spring and second to that, our beautiful Autumn. I walked in from the beach one lovely day to an oblong letter from home. I opened the envelope to find a panoramic shot of the Hudson Valley in all of it's peak October glory. The smell of raked leaves and the brisk fall air stealing through the screen overcame me.  Pumpkins on the door step and Onions from Pine Island are an item best served chilly! Something about the change of seasons that we spend our lives adapting to makes us different in the world, jaded perhaps. But, special in a way and in a sense ready for anything.

Conversely, being that we're 'jaded' NYers perhaps we take these things for granted. I for one didn't really place a determinable value on the experience until after I'd left it. Hopefully, I've saved you a trip although I recommend Southern California any time ! I want to know, as we move into Fall in the Hudson Valley, what do you love about this season? Even a small thing can be a celebration.

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte for example - Where is your favorite place to grab a gourmet beverage?
  • Giving your Skin a UV Break - Switching to Spray Tans - Which salon left you streak free?
  • TV Show Premiers - so many new shows! Which One did You DVR?
  • Apple Picking - Which local farm is your favorite Fall destination?
  • Saving some $$ by turning off the AC! We won't mention turning on the heat just yet!
  • I like Fall Spice, Like a touch of cinnamon in the coffee grinds! Smells delicious! What are your aromatherapy tips?
  • End-Of-Summer Deals - summer clothes fold up to nothing in the closet! Why not stock up for next year?
  • Fall Fashion! Jackets and Boots are back in rotation. What's your favorite fall accessory?
  • Costume Parties! It's never too early to start thinking about what you'll wear for Halloween. Think you're too old to dress up? Consider the kids in your life - nieces and nephews - or do a couples costume with a friend to help you get in the spirit.

    Nicholas has fun in the Pumpkin Patch

     Happy Hudson Valley Wants You to Share your Tips for Fall Happiness! As always check out our social calendar as we begin loading it with all of the seasonal wonders of Autumn.  

Fall in NY

 Article by Stefanie Pearl *Permission to Use Photos of Adorable Nicholas Schmidt granted by Mom