Signs That you Are Working Way Too Hard

Original Cartoon Concept and Art by Michael Oppenheimer


"Despite the desk calendar and it's picturesque moon phases which strongly indicated this might be a good day to go home early, our friend was hot for his deadline. The man in the moon cast his dark spell and sadly, those nails are not meant for typing. Should have gotten that report done sooner! And this is why werewolves never get promoted." About Michael: Michael Oppenheimer is an illustrator, animator and graphic designer who works out of the Northern Hudson Valley area of New York. Michael's goal has always been to illustrate comic books and graphic novels and he has been honing his drawing and painting skills from a very young age. He finds inspiration from the films of Steven Spielberg and Guillermo Del Toro, the music of Juno Reactor and Massive Attack and the comic artwork of Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane and Frank Frazetta just to name a few. Michael incorporates a variety of styles and mediums into his work but when he pencils he feels most at home. Michael is currently creating his own graphic novel which he hopes to have released next year and he is also working on a series of cartoon strips entitled "It's all Uphill". You can find Michael on the web at and