Sliding Scale Solutions for Becoming Organized

There’s a saying you may have heard before that sums up the common thread of human interaction in the simplest of terms. It goes something like,  ‘If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room’. This in combination with the idea that we become the people we surround ourselves with is a fantastic first step in evaluating yourself to see where you land on the character spectrum. If you see room for change (most of us do) attempt to redirect your personal goals by allowing yourself to become influenced by people who exemplify that which you aspire to be. One person I’ve been lucky to share a room with is Lisa Montanaro. Out of Warwick, NY she is a life coach, a professional organizer and motivational speaker. She carries a valuable skill set around with her including an intiutive understanding of people and vast social media skills in addition to an impressive educational background and also an affinity for communication (she's proficient in American Sign Language).  She got her start in a room full of aspiring lawyers at PACE University where she graduated magna cum laude (with great honor) in 1995. After practicing law for some time, she made a choice to switch gears and become a Professional Organizer. Lisa has been building her organized empire since 2002 when she established LM Organizing Solutions, LLC. LMOS empowers people and organizations to “DECIDE to be Organized,” a unique 6-step process which she developed and trademarked.

Lisa is the kind of person you absolutely have to have in your "golden rolodex". In addition to being skilled as a coach and a professional she is also joyful with great inter-personal skills and useful insight.  Her website is informative with links to the monthly E-ZINE's she publishes and access to many of her guest spots on radio shows and webinars across the county. Spend a few minutes browing her site, it's a great way to pick up some free tips - a great idea if your sliding scale is tipped at the moment. Some questions you can ask yourself to determine if Lisa's guidance will be of use to you (from the website):

  •  Are you unable to find things when you need them?
  •  Are you working in a cluttered environment that does not support your goals?
  • Do you often miss personal and professional deadlines?
  •  Do you have to move papers off of the kitchen counter and dining room table in order to cook and eat?
  •  Would you like to live in a space that is aesthetically pleasing and not a mess?
  •  Do you feel frustrated at work due to failing to carry out your priorities?


Lisa offers a variety of One-On-One services for businesses and families. She is a life coach and a published author having developed a handy life-book for the do-it-yourselfers ($17.95). Meet and greet the author at Linda's office supplies in Goshen on Saturday September 17th from 11-2. PLUS! For a limited time her 6 week teleclass “Take Control” is being offered at an early-bird discount of $259. Content is valued at over $1,000 and is a great way to become organized and introduced to someone who can do it all! This price is available for a short time (ends September 18th) so why not help yourself to a life-lift with Lisa as your guide!?

Lisa Montanaro

Certified Professional Organizer® Business & Life Coach Motivational Speaker

PO Box 113 Warwick, NY 10990

(845) 988-0183

  Great Links:    Official Website: Facebook :!/LMOrganizingSolutions Take Control Coaching Program : Article by Stefanie Pearl