Solve the clues, take a selfie, enter to win great prizes!

Update to our March 20th Post -- All three clues are now available! See below...

Happy International Day of Happiness! Established by the United Nations in 2012 as a day to recognize the pursuit of happiness as a fundamentally human goal, March 20th has since been recognized worldwide as an opportunity to seize some happiness and think of ways to make the world a more jubilant place. Many organizations have popped up with their own Happy initiatives, #Happyacts and @live happy magazine among them. Last year Pharell turned over the youtube rights to his song, HAPPY, and streamed videos from around the world for 24-hours straight in celebration. It definitely made me smile! Happiness can come in many forms. 

This year, we decided to take happiness in the Hudson Valley into our own hands and invite you to join us in a Scavenger Hunt with three clues to three Hudson Valley sites across two counties.

It's An Adventure Bringing you Through the History of the Hudson Valley. 

Follow the clues, take a selfie where they lead, email photos to us and you're entered for prizes!

Clue #1. 
Located on the banks of the Hudson this historic site built by an Irish Immigrant in 1889 one brick at a time is now home to celebrations and unions of all people beneath its signature mansard roof. 

Clue #2.
Near the pentamerous southern Gate stood huddled the winter quarters of men at war. There stands a monument erected by masons in honor of the commander. Locate, snap the pic and submit your answer to clue #2!

Clue #3.
In these seats the people rallied by the thousands. Today, a lone memory of these times is visible from a well traveled trail that clips the edge of this legacy engraved into the landscape by a Cane.


  • Don't make any announcements on social media regarding solving the clues. There will only be one winner, so keep the answers quiet and don't share! 
  • Groups/couples may enter and split prizes if they wish. 
  • Take a photo showing yourself at the location being described in the clue to prove you've solved it. 
  • Entries should be emailed with all three location photos to when completed by June 15th to be entered to win. Include name, phone number, and town of origin with entry email.
  • All entries who get all three clues correct will be automatically entered into an audited draw on June 20th and a winner will be chosen from among them.  We won't share your info. 
  • There is NO entry fee. 

Prize pack includes a video, snack, movie ticket gift basket from Destinta Theatres, one dozen cupcakes from Eat This Bakery and passes to several historic sites c/o @orange county historical society. And bragging rights for the year.

We'll announce the winner at the Newburgh Illuminated festival on June 20th! 

Happy hunting!