Students In Favor of Chris Eachus' New Energy Plan for Albany

In general our policy regarding posting about political affairs is that we don't. But, when high schoolers decide to speak up in support of their educators, we think that is something worth sharing. We received this letter to the editor from Alex M. - a student at Newburgh Free Academy and hereby swear to help her voice be heard. No matter who you're voting for VOTE on November 6th.

Chris Eachus at the National Night Out Press Conference in 2012


Dear Editor,
Mr. Christopher Eachus is running for a position in the New York State Senate. I’m trying to get people in our community to take a closer look at Mr. Eachus and why he is the only choice that makes sense for us. Chris Eachus is the instructor of AP Physics at Newburgh Free Academy and the adviser of the NFA Solar Racing Team. During my coursework, I have come to know Mr. Eachus very well.
Mr. Eachus is a caring, interesting, hard-working, and creative teacher. As the leader of the Solar Team he has been resourceful, solution-oriented and committed. With his help the NFA Solar Car Racing team became the 2012 Shell Eco Marathon Solar Prototype Champions of the Americas. (Official results)
Mr. Eachus is highly respected as both a person and a professional by his colleagues and students. He is committed to transforming lives in our community with a particular interest in helping young people overcome barriers to employment. His goal is to create more local opportunities for our young people.
I believe with a strong presence like Mr. Eachus, the existing weaknesses we currently find in our community will cease to exist. Mr. Eachus is a leader and people just naturally follow his ideas and beliefs. I sincerely hope that his efforts as a teacher and adviser will be rewarded by being elected as a New York State Senator.

Featured Photo: On June 18, the Newburgh Free Academy Solar Racing Team received “the key to the City” and a certificate of appreciation from Mayor Judy Kennedy and the City Council. Deputy Mayor Regina Angelo and City Council members Gay Lee and Cedric Brown were on hand to congratulate the team on becoming the 2012 Shell Eco Marathon Solar Prototype Champion of the Americas. Their team leader is physics teacher and Orange County Legislator Chris Eachus. (Provided)

Letter edited by Lolita Sage