Sun Sets On Crew Season 2013

Coach Ed Kennedy, Head Coach of the NFA Varsity Crew Team/Program Director of Newburgh Rowing Club delivered a message to his team on the last day of Crew Season 2013. For many seniors it would be their last time rowing on the NFA Varsity team.  

"Now it's time to collect from all those little deposits you made over the year or years that you've put into the crew bank account. We've been talking about this since the first day you came here. You may make your withdrawal today. Let's hope it's going to be a good one. No matter what happens, I know you guys worked your hearts out, and I hope you enjoyed your time here with the Newburgh Crew Team. I hope you learned a few things which you'll be able to use later in life. One of my biggest lessons is, 'Nothing in life that is worthwhile comes easy.' It doesn't just apply to Crew. I hope to see you all again. You are always welcome to come back to the boathouse. Wouldn't it be great to go out and pull off another Championship? One last thing, this time when you do your cheer up in Poughkeepsie, let them hear it all the way back in Newburgh: WHERE ELSE WOULD YOU RATHER BE? "

Photo of the NFA Girls Varsity 4+, First place in their Division at the HVRL Championship in Poughkeepsie.  

1 seat - Jessie Dennis (senior), 2 seat - Stef Sciolaro, 3 seat - Amanda Perez, Bowseat - Lea Stepakoff (senior), coxswain Courtney Irwin (senior)

Then, ritualistically.. the team rallies in a cheer.

 NFA Crew Team - WHO ARE WE?  

  Answer: Newburgh!  

                                WHERE ELSE WOULD YOU RATHER BE?  


Photos and Message provided by NFA Crew Team Mom Julie LoBiondo