Take Advantage of These Great End-Of-Summer Ideas!

August is bittersweet.  The days are still beautiful with summer sunshine -  the sticky humidity of July a distant memory -  but a cooling sensation and chilled evenings remind us that change is inevitable.   As this pendulum swings over our summer days bringing in those white pillow top clouds that fill the blue skies with a few final weeks of summer bliss, allow yourself the time to take deep breaths of fresh air, have as much fun as you possibly can and spend a few extra bucks to cap off a gorgeous season.  Take advantage of these great end-of-summer ideas!

So, if you haven't made time for yourself and your family this summer, change that! Two more weeks of unending summer fun and then of course, we'll bring you the fall line-up. But, we're not rushing it!  There are plenty of ways to end your summer on a high-note... Or a grand slam...or a day in the park...or a dive in the pool...you get the point! So get out there and have some fun! Happy Hudson Valley wants to know: What are your end of summer plans?!

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