The Teary-Eyed Pickle Engagement

Meaghan Francis - a Montgomery, NY girl all her life - is all smiles now, but it wasn't always that way for the Hudson Valley honey. The semi-reserved and super sweet 28-year-old insists she had to date a lot of jerks before she found the one. She was being anti-social at a party, fixated on being completely over dating and preparing herself for life-long singledom when someone caught her eye from across the room. He was smiling a sweet smile and Meaghan couldn't help but smile back. The smiling face across the room belonged to none other than Sam Lane - a gentleman in his own right from Cuddebackville - also on fall-out from a series of unfortunate dating events. It was a night out like any other for Sam - fun and friendly. But, he too was captured by the woman across the room and made no secret about wanting to get to know better. The rest is love history.

The 'over' dating feeling the Meaghan was experiencing is not something uncommon among those in the single game. Most everyone hits a point of frustration that makes them want to give up dating after a series of liars, sociopath, moral-less losers and the like have come and gone in unfriendly exit leaving an otherwise good person feeling bitter and unhinged. Meaghan now says she doesn't regret a single one of those dates..

Now I realize what love really is.. what it's supposed to be. I think everybody should have their heart broken before they commit.

The couple has come together in their family values - both want to plan long-term to stay local in order to maintain relationships. According to Sam his bride to be is a missing puzzle piece that completes his family portrait. They are both vested in the same big picture and bond as a couple most frequently in a boat on the water with a fishing pole in-hand.  The save the date cards will contain this hook line and sinker theme which is the couple's favorite time-away-together activity.

Only ten months into the relationship Sam popped the question. There was no doubt in his mind that he wanted to spend his life with Meaghan.  When you know, you know.

I love her laugh, she makes me laugh when she laughs. She's kind, she's selfless I know she'd do anything for me.

True to the family dynamic it happened on Christmas morning - cameras rolling - in front of Meg's close-knit family. Even though the idea of engagement was being tossed around, Meaghan had no idea what was about to happen.


The ring was positioned on a pickle (those close to Meaghan will appreciate this gesture - she is self-described pickle obsessed). The diamonds were sparkling in the glimmer of the tree lights and Sam didn't even get the chance to get down on one knee. Meaghan was overcome with total surprise and divine happiness..she literally broke down into tears and grabbed a hold of him as if forever. The two are already planning to start a family. It will be a propechecy fulfilled for Meaghan who has always wanted to be a Mom. 

As for the wedding: Meaghan already has the details planned right down to the bouquets. The couple will exchanging vows in front of friends and family in Poughkeepsie in May 2014.