Three Ingredients are All You Need for Delicious Home Made Hot Chocolate

Happy Holidays! It's getting cold out so I wanted to put up some pleasing-to-the-palate drink recipes that will warm you up and serve a house full of guests easily! So, today I bring you hot chocolate recipes that work for everyone's taste buds!! We are going to try the simplest hot chocolate recipe three different ways: White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate I think you will find they have three astoundingly different tastes to them!

white chocolate chips

Basic Hot Chocolate makes 1-2 cups
Milk: 3 oz
Chocolate[white, milk, or dark]: 1.5 oz
Hot Water: as needed to fill glass
1. Boil milk
2. Pour over chocolate
3. Fill cup to top with hot water
The white hot chocolate is sweeter than a normal hot chocolate [just like white chocolate is much sweeter than milk or dark]. It is something that I think younger children would enjoy.  It's not too rich and is white in color so it tastes like a sweet milk drink and looks like one too. It makes for a very delicious snack! [Check out Casey's Blog for more uses of White Chocolate.]

The milk chocolate makes hot cocoa that I find to be very mild, sweet and chocolatey. It is basically the average hot cocoa that everyone is used to- so its good for a traditional style drink!

dark chocolate chips

The dark chocolate cocoa makes for a very rich flavor that is perfect for a chocolate lover.   If you want a really deep robust chocolate flavor that is not overly sweet, then try the dark chocolate! BONUS if you wanted to add some liquer to your cocoa- kahlua, bailey's, etc...[over 21! only]  this is your dirnk! A sweeter liquer would make the other two chocolates a bit too sweet.

Dark, Milk, & White Chocolate Milk

  Casey Cocoa Butter is studying pastries and desserts at the Culinary Instutute in Hyde Park, NY. She is kind enough to share her original recipes with us every week! Visit her BLOG and show her some comment love.