A View Through the Lens - Spotlight on Amy Wiley Photography

Amy Wiley is hanging selections from her NYC collection up in Barnes and Nobles Cafe. The fine art photographer and mother of 3 has a certain element of capture to her.. a depth and variety to her self-described 'art of seeing'.

She is versatile - working in glamour shots, professional portraits, family photos and most recently; sports.  She has an in-home studio for client sessions, and also travels on location to do special event photography. Her wide angled lens telling a dynamic story in each of her varietal settings.

Details at Amy Wiley Photography Online.

Amy studied digital Photography under Dena O'Hare-Whipple, and has been exploring her creative viewpoint through her camera lens.  She has a knack for responding to 'life moments' and a fast finger.

Still photos that imply motion...like this one :

 I thought, "Waittttttttt, Taxi!"

And then remembered I was in line for a latte not in Midtown - but that split second was lasting.

tropical interlude

The camera is therapy for Amy, still reeling from a divorce that shook her to the core of her faith. The naturalness of her style is a process of healing for her as she allows herself to face reality one snap shot at a time. Focusing on her kids - 13 year old Roberto, 16 year old Victoria and 10 year old Grace she is pressing on confidently with her children in mind.

Roberto, Grace and Victoria

My focus now is my children, building my new independent life/career and helping others. I believe in giving and sowing seeds.

She is a raw talent with poignant focus and blatant courage stepping back into the light of her cosmic shine. Andy Polizzi from Team Snooki Boxing crossed paths with Amy and invited her on to cover the May 12, 2012 boxing match at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center.

He said this about her, "She is an awesome, great and very meticulous person when it comes to photography. She caught the perfect pictures we needed. we are very happy to have Amy be a part of Team Snooki Boxing and look forward to a long relationship with her." Wiley was new to sporting events, but after a brief orientation she picked up her camera and ably caught Patrick Hyland's lightning fast left hook. "Very difficult to do," Polizzi added.

Amy Wiley

Amy is a woman of many mantras - a believer in the power of thought she practices bold statements daily;

"Have camera, will travel"

"I am a successful women & I help others to Succeed"

"I am confident and secure."

A woman now on her own, these self-assuring moments are reminders of her inner strength. These statements of brave insight help move her towards her goals - something we can all learn from.

...it is truly the core of my inspiration is that I see the world through this lens as "all of creation"...from people to places...to a tiny bug or a spectacular building created by a talented designer...I want people to know that I truly view them as beautiful and perfectly made and it is my goal to capture the essence of (that) on my camera to create a moment that will last forever.

She will be featured at Wolfgang Gallery in a presentation called 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' - courtesy of The Real Mikey Teutul.

Midsummer Night's Dream will feature Bernard Carver and 12 other artists*
July 14th Opening Reception 6-9 p.m.
Wolfgang Gallery, 40 Railroad Ave. Montgomery, NY 845.769.7446
Works are on display through August 4th, 2012

other featured artists include - *Nat Baines, Amy Wiley, Robert Hoover, Maureen Drury, Jaqueline Schwab, Emily Adamo, Dexter Wetmore, Caroline Harrow, Nelson Pantoja, David O'Reilly, Patty Kalosky and Walk Fabiszack*

Article by Stefanie Pearl
Photos by Amy Wiley*