The Visionaries of 'A Patented Life' Invite You to Go Non-GMO

Hey, you! Soy lecithin, aspartame loving, fructose eating all-American. If you are what you eat, have you any idea what that makes you?  Well, if you are the typical consumer, your daily intake of genetically modified organisms (GMO) could be considered ill-suited for optimal health and some of the quick-and-easy meal options you frequent could be complicating your life.

Sparking this conversation is the hot button Monsanto issue. What is Monsanto, you ask?The agro-chemical company that created Round-Up."  Yes, Round-Up the poison you spray onto your lawn to kill creepy crawlies. (See an amusing musical explanation below - contains adult language).

Monsanto, Inc. has cleverly cornered the agricultural market by engineering seeds that are resistant to the poisons and insecticides it produced.  Monsanto also genetically engineered the human growth hormones rBST and rBGH to increase milk production in cows. Monsanto now owns an estimated 700 seed patents on major crops: Corn, Cotton, Soy, Canola, and dairy products.

What hasn’t been affected? The answer may surprise you. Jessica Kostenblatt is well versed in the Monsanto controversy. The NFA alumna (2000)  kickstarted an experimental discovery project called ‘A Patented Life’. She along with partner Mary Szacik are attempting a 6-week Monsanto/GMO free diet that that begins on January 15th.. It's an experiment that they hope will be a great source of content for a documentary they are filming. (Think SuperSize me, but the opposite. If only there was a drive-thru option for Non-GMO!)

Jesse Scores Organic Cotton Sheets

The partners came together while pursuing their Masters in Social Work with a Concentration in International Development at Monmouth University.  For Jessica it is a community impact issue in addition to wellness, “I worked in the natural foods market (up until May 2011). After speaking with customers, people who survived cancers and other ailments, and those who thrived living their organic lifestyles I began looking more closely into organic and natural foods. The project collides where my interest is peaked: where systemic factors affect the wellness of the community and the environment." For Mary, the project doubles as an issue of human rights. “Access to a safe and sustainable food supply in this country and globally is a human rights issue deeply connected to economic justice and corporate power.”

Mary is Excited about Radical Wine (Organic Certified)

Early predictions are that the experiment will be a financial burden (Organic options can cost twice as much) and logistically difficult (they’ll likely be packing meals for every occasion – including a wedding which falls early on in the experiment). Mary will leave for India halfway through the project, a geographical impasse that will largely complicate her plan, so she’s packing some organic power bars just in case!

Health-wise, six weeks of Monsanto-free living will likely have positive effects, since we will be eating 100% organic foods and using 100% organic products, from body lotions to deodorants to detergents.  Based on animal feeding studies, health risks associated with a GMO-laden diet include liver and kidney damage, potential high cholesterol levels, and higher potential for diabetes.

Look for Certified Organic/ Non-GMO on the label

“A Patented Life” project wants You! Get involved in the initiative by kicking-off your own diet. Your mission, should you choose to accept it includes shopping for Certified Organic foods, scanning labels for Non-GMO and following the 5 easy steps below!

  1. Get Started! (There’s an app for that)
  2.  ‘Like’ A Patented Life on facebook.
  3. Check out their BLOG
  5. Commit to going Certified Organic for a week!
Our agricultural system has completely changed in our generation.  We are not eating the same foods which our grandparents ate, and farmers around the world are struggling. We want to know what goes into our foods and how it will affect all of us and the environment. We are essentially joining a worldwide cause to educate ourselves and others.  Join Us!

Butterflies Do not Survive Interactions with Monsanto Products

You can e-mail Jesse and Mary for additional information :

Article by : Stefanie Pearl