West Point Cadets Drop-In at Morehead Honda

Tuesday, March 5 2013

High on the hill with it's back turned towards the Hudson River subsists an academy so prestigious is ranks among America's top ten with the likes of Princeton, Harvard and Yale. The United States Military Academy at West Point ranks fourth among the nation's colleges and universities in number of Rhodes Scholars with 90. Notable graduates from West Point (est. 1802) include General George Patton (commanding general of the 7th Army 1942-44); Congressional Space Medal of Honor winner Col. Frank Borman (Apollo 8); and even President Eisenhower (class of 1915). West Point generates society members with high academia credits commonly turning out famous engineers, astronauts, business minds and heads of state. Predominantly graduates exude excellence in military discipline, serving honorably. High-ranking leaders have surfaced in every great post-colonial war; men and women of honor like Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, the no-nonsense Desert Storm commander famously nicknamed "Stormin' Norman," whose U.S. Military Academy at West Point burial is making headlines this week. Approximately 1,200 freshmen enter the academy each year, and if history is any indication marching among them will be future legislators, governors, athletes and cabinet members.

I got to talk with some West Point seniors who were on an academic field trip in Newburgh just last week. Supplementary to military training cadets work towards bachelors degrees in over 40 academic majors including foreign languages, management information systems, history, economics, and mechanical engineering. On this particular day several dozen engineering psychologist majors were spending the morning on site at Morehead Honda. With clipboards in-hand the students mulled over the makes and models of a variety of machines  making comparative distinctions about the ergonomics of the vehicles from years 2001; 2006 and 2013.

Ergonomic studies focus on environmental workplace conditions that affect on-the-job risk. The front seat of a vehicle comes into play heavily not just in the interest of military, but the commuter in general. Think about how much time you spend in your car each week. The cadets explained that ergonomic study incorporates not only the comfort, but also the user interaction with the vehicle capabilities and functions. Usability. These studies and subsequent progress are highly visible in cars like Honda who rededicate 5% of their revenues into research and development. Studies help both military and civilian engineers improve the human interaction in motor vehicles.

Major Lou Nemec, an instructor of behavioral science and leadership at West Point, arranged for the on-site evaluation noting that Honda is an industry leader in terms of innovation. Honda was the first Japanese manufacturer to dedicated and release a luxury brand, they did this in 1986 with the Acura.

Major Lou Nemec shakes hands with Fred Dunning
(sales manager) at the Newburgh store.

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