Youth Mission Outreach Launches SkipMeal Campaign

SkipMeal was created by Youth Mission Outreach, Inc. to bring awareness, hope and help to the needy in the City of Poughkeepsie and its surrounding areas.The campaign runs from November 10th to December 31st, 2013.

SkipMeal asks you to skip one or more meals and donate that money at You can also drop off donations at one of our many can sites, which can be found at Here are a few of the 35 locations that are supporting SkipMeal:

- Rossi’s Deli (S. Clover St.)

-Taste Sensations (Burnett Blvd) - Tea Talk (Rt. 9 S)

- Hoe Bowl (Taft Avenue)

Join us in changing lives through relationships. A recent census shows that 12% of children in Dutchess County live in poverty. Your contribution can help us prevent this statistic from increasing. Maybe you can’t come and work the front lines, but we can with your help. Let us be your us eyes to see those in need, let us be your hands to feed the needy, and let us be your mouthpiece to bring comfort and hope. For more information, go to and learn how YOU can help!

Editors Note* We hung out with YMO over the summer -- remember the olympic games? We got an awesome thank you note just for being there-- see below!

Thank you for bringing us one more way to help this holiday season. Congratulations to all of the participating businesses who show compassion for their community in supporting a non profit rooted in the idea of inspiring change through relationships with the kids in mind!